Seems like the airlines are co-operating with our attempt to open up the Boston / New England region, in the form of some cheap flights to get in some late season Utah skiing / riding.

Boston to Salt Lake City usually runs in the $400s so this knocks at least $175 off the cost of your average flight (Saving 40%+).

This time of year it's all about blue bird days to close out the 2016 / 2017 North American season right. When are you going to finally get that Goggle tan if not now? Where are you going to get it if not Utah?

OT: South America Winter is coming fast. If the Precip this year in California / Pacific Northwest is any indicator, Chile / Argentina are going to go off in about two months.

Ski and Snowboard

With more than a hand full of my personal all time best sessions coming in March I whole heartedly wish I was based in the Boston region.

If you are closer to Logan Airport than I am, get on it, there is no way it's not going to be a great trip. My recommendation is to hit up Brighton and Solitude when you get there.

Chill vibes, cheaper lift tickets and what's even better, Solitude is offering 40% off their already more fairly priced Lift Tickets, with availability that matches the exact dates of this trip.

Every little bit helps, combined with the $175 you are saving off your flight odds are pretty good your stay is damn near comped by your savings.

The one thing I loved when I was at Brighton was easy access to solid back country. Solitude has it's fair share of that too (Skis, Boards and ropes always seem more gnarly when you put them together):

All in All Utah has been slammed this year and my guess is it will be one of the better springs in the past 5 years to be out there. Might just be time to go ski someplace new, or score at an old favorite.