Getting to Montana is never cheap. A few months ago I wrote up the cheapest flight I had seen in the past 6 months which came in at $372.

This fare does a solid $50 Better than that, on a legit airline, with only one stop, before the end of the season.

Flights NY/NJ to Bozeman, Montana usually run $450+ with AT LEAST one stop. This saves you 40% on what I would consider a good fare.

Montana is usually synonymous with few dates, no direct flights and complicated connections. This one has a quick layover in Denver which is damn near on the way.

Ski and Snowboard

With MAJOR snow in the forecast this week, it is a fantastic bet that come the week after next (when Departure availability kicks in) the conditions will be fantastic.

This is far from the first time multiple feet on multiple days is in the forecast.

While there is never any guarantee on late season powder, there will absolutely be snow. Here is a shot from a hike in June's past.

All you gotta do is get on the plane, everything else will work itself out from there.