Yet another deal to get some big mountain riding in before the close of the 2017 Snow season. This one gets you to Vancouver by way of a short initial hop / stop in Toronto.

While I hate stops I love Whistler and there are not many cheap flights to get there before we get into true spring conditions (assuming we can get there before the end of the season at all).

Boston to Vancouver usually runs $550 to $600 during the winter so this saves you EASILY 50% on what I would expect to pay.

We all need thank Richard Branson of Virgin for buying Alaska Airlines and then dropping his prices / promoting this latest sale (saving a solid $100 to $200 on cross-country flights).

While the Alaska Airlines sale (See NY/NJ -> Non-Stop Tahoe for $191, NY/NJ -> Non-Stop to Seattle $261) is much more focused on Spring / Early Summer, their prices have caused most of the other airlines to price match (or come close) which has resulted in a lot wider range of dates / availability.

As an aside, if you ever find yourself wanting to get to Kona / Big Island from the Bay Area, always check Alaska out of Oakland before you book anywhere else.

Ski + Snowboard

It goes without saying that Mid-March in Whistler will have snow, but this year has been ridiculous and there is MUCH more of the white on the way. Here's the big picture.

Current forecasts for the next 5 to 7 days are projecting up to 3 feet for the higher elevations. I didn't see any super cheap flights to get there for this latest round of snow but there is availability Boston -> Vancouver: March 8th -> March 15th on United for $400 (some have 2 stops so change dates around before you book).

Personally for a guaranteed DUMP I feel like that might be a better deal than the $278 toward the end of the month where you take your chances but it's hard to go wrong either way.

You'll be doin this while your friends are at work:

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