Get to Barca in January 2018 cheaper than you can normally expect to get cross country. The Pyrenees will already be getting snow and Barcelona will be absolutely Beautiful in comparison to anywhere in the NY/NJ region.

NY/NJ -> Barcelona generally runs in the $700s so this saves around 60% off what we would normally expect to pay on a well reviewed Airline (plus many dates are non-stop on the way home).

While I have yet to get to the Mountains when the lifts were spinning I can tell you that my snow-magination was in over drive. The vertical from the valley floors on some of those hills has to be just as much fun to ski as it was to skate.

I left feeling like it made almost as much sense to head back during the winter next trip...

Ski and Snowboard

Axel Serrat and Aleix Gallimo played hosts last time around and Aleix now owns a bar in the mountains with his family. He shot this one in the Spanish back country last season:

And then this one the year before:

What gets me in both of those videos is the weight of the snow. Not often that we get snow that light on the east coast (although we did score a couple times in February).

In case you hadn't heard, they have some serious big mountain stuff available for those who want to step up. Here are the guys at RedBull getting a-lot-technical on the way down.

Downhill Skateboard / Longboard

Petter Reinem making it look easy.

Now here's where my good memories kick in. I don't think I have ever had as much fun skating as I had skating in Barcelona.

So many great spots, with such god public transportation access. That is just not something we generally have here in the States (or at least not on the east coast). If you like riding four wheels down hill, you NEED to get your act together and get there.