After a couple of weeks of heavy ski / snowboard deals we are finally seeing some opportunities to snag some cheap surf and sun. Not a minute too soon if you ask me, this warm to cold alternation is killing me.

NY/NJ to Barbados usually runs in the low $400s into the $450s, so $240 is right about a 40% discount on what I would expect to pay.

While I haven't had the pleasure myself I know the boys at Heritage were always raving about the place. Now might be a good time to book a quasi-last-minute trip for the end of March before the weather around here gets too nice.

At that point warm weather / warm water doesn't always feel like quite so pressing a need.


Barbados is pretty much where it's at for consistent (if not always perfectly clean) waves with easy access from the East Coast. This deal adds cheap to that setup of adjectives and may be my excuse to finally drop in at soup bowl.

With the trades always pushing a bump it's an early and late session type of island which is ideal if you ask me, plus you get some solid on shore ramp sections for those who want them.

For just over 2 bills, it's pretty hard to say no.

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