Well this has to be a new low for Non-Stop Cross-Country on a top rated airline. As has been the theme, these dates also get you to the Bay Area in time to rent a car and head for Tahoe with room to spare.

NY/NJ to Bay Area usually runs $350 to $400 so these Trips save you 55% off the average price.

I swore up and down that we would never see it go cheaper than the $199 last month. I guess Virgin / Alaska got a great response to that deal and decided to put a better one up for us.

The dates are better for this sale AND it's non-stop. Can't beat end to end in 6 hours. For less than $200 this is like getting your rental car for free.

Ski and Snowboard

A lot of people fly into Reno when the go to Tahoe but I have family in Santa Cruz and San Francisco so most of the time I am looking for SFO / SJC first and foremost.

The drive is not bad at all (3hrs 40mins) and as a HUGE plus, you get to land someplace warm and cruise across the central valley.

As mentioned above there are PLENTY of dates left in March which is still the heart of storm season, and what a season it has been. MULTIPLE 3 foot + dumps in the past 60 days mean your chances are better than average to be in over your head (or at least up to your waste).

To top it all off Liftopia has 40% Lift Ticket discounts on a variety of locations. Given that it is still PRIME season in Tahoe you may need to piece days together at different resorts, but that is certainly not a bad thing.

Personally, I vote for Homewood for pure Chill factor. A truly hassle free powder experience.


Where there are storms there are waves, and man have there been waves lately.

If that isn't your cup of tea you can tuck up around the point in Santa Cruz and usually get something a little more manageable with a drastically easier paddle.

Downhill / Longboard

PLENTY of uncrowded roads to be had all over the bay area and Santa Cruz. Pretty hard to not find something fun to ride as long as you stay in your lane.