After rocking domestic deals for the last month or so there are some killer last minute, late season, Euro ski deals I expect to drop this week.

This is the first one of those and a good one at that: there are 168 Ski Resorts within 3 hours of Milan.

Flights NY/NJ to Milan, Italy run easily in the $700-800 region. This is less than half of that AND Non-Stop, $350 is absolutely killer.

This deal includes March and April but I am most interested in the EARLY March (last minute pack your shit) dates. IE the ones leaving next week, which is insane for two reasons: #1. It's the Alps and #2. We can check the freaking weather forecast before we all book.

Ski and Snowboard

Sure it's a fashion hub, but who cares about that when you are a few hours away from this:

You don't even need a helicopter (although that is always an option) to get to some amazing stuff that we just don't have here on the East Coast.

With the legit-ness that is Chamonix (@chamonix_france for those who want to see whats up) only a three hour drive you could conceivably book a few extra days and give yourself padding to enjoy Milan properly, either in the beginning or the end of your trip (based on the weather).

For reference it's supposed to snow roughly 3-5 inches in Chamonix every day between today and March 6th (when you would land): 7 Day Chamonix Weather. After that the base is supposed to get rain but that could easily mean a dump for the top of the mountain / higher elevations.

If it seems crazy that I'm going on about France in an Italy deal, that should just let you know how long Chamonix has been on my list.

Given that this flight is Direct from NY/NJ I don't expect anyone is going to complain about the drive, but if that's holding you back just remember:

It's Italy.

You can rent something more interesting than a Kia to get up to the mountain. Regardless, you'll be like: