Not quite as cheap as the all time best we saw last month but this is Non-Stop making for a really solid fare to the North West in time to ski / snowboard before everything melts.

NY/NJ to Seattle routinely runs $400+ so $261 flight is a solid 35% cheaper than the average best flight available. Most flights in this deal are non-stop.

Whistler isn't going to ride it's self, and it would be a shame to leave all the fun to the guys on the west coast. My bet is this is the Last Whistler deal that comes up before we are talking early season next year.

Ski + Snowboard

For those of you still wondering... heck yeah Whistler still gets snow in March. With two 36inch plus dumps in the past 30 days, it's not an insane bet to expect your fair share while you are out there.

For those of you who don't want to make the 4 hour drive from Seattle all the way to Whistler BC, here's some footage of nearby Mt. Baker which should be more than enough stoke for any of us.


I am adding this even though its still a little cold in Seattle this time of year... since Seattle is substantially warmer than it is late winter / early spring in New York.

Way too much fun stuff to skate in the North West to not experience it at least once.