Crazy good deals today. This one has availability going super fast but I figured I would put this out in hopes that some of you guys can dive on it.

Unlike most of the deals this week, this one has a stop, that said, San Diego has been expensive this winter.

Flights to San Diego from NY/NJ have routinely been $350+ this winter. This gets you there at a 35% discount on a legit airline (no discount BS here).

Whether you are headed out to warm up on 4 wheels out of the cold NY/NJ winter, or paddle out and drop in needing no wheels at all, this is easily the Cheapest we will see flights to San Diego before the winter is over.


Obviously the swell has been pumping all winter out west. Why not get out there and get wet someplace jusssst enough warmer. This next video makes it look more crowded than the 5, which it sometimes is.

Here's a photo montage from the great Aaron Chang on his home breaks around San Diego. Says more than needs to be said about the quality walls that happen from time to time.

Downhill / Longboard

Some of my favorite all time sessions have gone down in San Diego. The Downhill Disco hold a special place in my heart:

But San Diego is not JUST about contest time. Chill sessions overlooking the Surf at some of the best slide hills around are pretty much guaranteed.

Stop or no, getting to San Diego under $200 is a seriously solid deal. I say get on it, and take a few runs for me while you are out there.