Welp. Trips to Colorado just hit a record low. Not just from NY/NJ (usually more expensive) but from the entire mid-atlantic / New England area.

As any of you guys who have been following over the past few months will note, this is the cheapest a round-trip direct flight has been for at least the last 365 days.

NY/NJ to Colorado usually runs $250 to $350 so this is almost 70% off of some of the flights I have seen booked in the last 6 months. PLUS this is non-stop.

Availability even touches on a few dates as soon as March which EASILY gets you there for the end of the season. There are also a TON of long weekends available where you fly out Thursday or Friday and back Monday or Tuesday.

Not great for crowds or hotel prices (go with a week long trip to score mid-week) but great if you have a full time gig back here in NY/NJ.

Ski and Snowboard

I am burning through all the Colorado edits I can find this month but here's one of my favorites.

God I need some perfectly groomed kickers in my life:

Downhill / Skate

A few of these flights do start to touch into true skate season, but since the majority of the longest must-see mountain runs are high and snow covered through May (at which point prices go up) I am only doing a short post on DH / skate.

Zak shreds regardless of where he's at but damn that video makes Colorado look fun.