The west coast deals have been going off lately but other than that insane San Jose deal a few days back it's been quite a while since NY/NJ to San Fran was below $250.

NY/NJ to San Francisco is generally in the $350 Range for your average flight with a stop. This trip gets you there 30% cheaper and non-stop both ways.

To make things even sweeter there is some last minute availability that actually covers the next couple of weeks. Heck some of these flights may even get you out there before the latest bomber storm stops dumping on Tahoe (though the drive up there mid storm is not for the faint of heart... or anyone without chains).

Ski + Snowboard

Looks like Truckee is still supposed to see: "Additional Snow Accumulations: 6 to 12 inches. Locally 18 inches or more in areas where heavy snow bands persist." Who knows what the Ridge lines will see and it's been snowing for days.

That being said, even if you get out there in the next day or two just AFTER the Storm there is NO WAY it's not going to be freaking great.

Even if it's not, you can still look forward to some of the nicest features anywhere.

On-going storm + Active Storm Track + Cheap last minute fares = a truly skunk free experience.


Waves come with storms same as the east coast guys. It's just not often that you get the opportunity to jump a cheapo last minute flight when there is guaranteed to be swell in and around the Bay Area.

I don't love the wind direction at the moment, but hey, you can't have everything.

Guaranteed Waves in the Water (that chart is for Santa Cruz so OB is going to be way bigger) and Water a whole lot warmer than it is in NJ right now. Grab some rubber and get out there.