It's been expensive getting into Tahoe region this winter, particularly when you don't want to drive four hours after landing in SFO.

Tahoe from NY/NJ has been easily in the $400 to $500 R/T region this year, this saves you almost half AND is a direct / non-stop shot.

This trip deal will get you there #1. before the end of the season and #2. with a fraction of the drive time necessary once you land. As an added bonus you save flight time and reduce the percentage chance of baggage issues since there is no connection (non-stop for the win).

Ski and Snowboard

Years ago I ran into some kids from Tahoe at USASA snowboard nationals. The stuff they threw down on the kickers was insane and for good reason. That said there are plenty of features for the east coast rail crowd.

The end spring season is long, soft, and they still get occasional fresh snow long after our local hills close. No better way to get stoked on Tahoe than to check out the Tahoe Episodes of Desiree Melancon's "United Slopes of America".

When your goal is to hit every hill in the U.S. and you have two episodes allocated to the Tahoe segment, the odds are great that there is a glut of footage, and more than enough snow to go around.

Plus the girl is living out of a camper while she makes the rounds. Hard to get more street credible than that.

This year has seriously made up for the past few years of draught so it may be time to take aim on a spring trip and pick up a flight and jump a plane before we start looking ahead to Winter 2017/2018.

Close out this season in proper fashion. No way to come home from Tahoe less than stoked.