Anytime you can get to Puerto Rico under $250 it's a good deal. Back in November one of the first killer deals I ever found was to San Juan.

I would say this deal is easily as good, just based on the better airport / easy in-out. There is nothing more depressing than having to be up at 2AM to make a 5AM flight home out of San Juan.

NJ/NJ to Puerto Rico anywhere under $250 is a great deal since flights average $350 during the winter. At $207 this saves you better than 40%.

You also save a solid 2 hours of driving if your final destination is anywhere between Rincon and Quebradillas (which it should be since the Noreasters are pumping NW swell down this time of year).


Even though its pretty obvious I love it down there (even toyed with moving there permanently after chilling with the Quebradillas crew) it's probably best to just let the barrels speak for themselves.

The lows have been absolutely bombing off of Nova Scotia this year with the last one dumping a foot plus on everyone who rode NY/Vermont last week and then bombing down to 960mbs once it was off the coast.

I have to imagine the swell season has been ridiculous and that leads me to another huge advantage of the Rincon side.

When it get's huge, you can pick your spot, pick your size and probably find someplace that isn't so crowded if it gets insane. I caught Jobos biggish and then Maria's at perfect with a local buddy of mine last time I was down.

Two of the best sessions of my life.

If you want to really get off the beaten path there are some beaches with empty A frames to be found if you really look hard. Not to mention numerous perfect ramp / air sections.

Downhill / Longboard

All time most fun trip ever was a jaunt with friends back in 2009, thanks fly out to Nick Patrick for keeping the camera on:

That said there is plenty of serious hills (and some super serious local rippers). The progression in the Quebradillas area scene has been nuts the last 5 years but the main event us always Guajataka.

Here's the guys from Sector 9 et. al. showing how its done:

At $207, how can you say "No" to this guy: