Time is running out to score flights to places you haven't ridden before. So while $375 is by no means the cheapest trip we will post this month, getting out to Montana is never cheap.

Flights to Montana (and pretty much the whole mountain west other than Denver) have been ridiculous this year. Average R/T is well over 550 with most dates in the $600 range, you are therefore saving 35 to 40% on this deal.

Ever since Joel told me how much he loved Bozeman years back its been on my list. Great mountains, great town, great college atmosphere.

Ski + Snowboard

In case you hadn't heard, there is some gnarly stuff in Montana.

While this is not Bozeman, flights to Missoula, MT are also about the same price right now, plus it continues on the post theme of fun hike ups and more fun Ski downs.

For those that feel like taking the lift up, Bridger Bowl is supposed to be pretty sick. Here's a GoPro vid to give you a little feel for it:

Big Sky is also out there, and if that's not on your list, it needs to be.