Killer spring / late season riding deals keep trickling but this is probably my favorite of the week. Have always wanted to get out to the Canadian Rockies and this is the cheapest it's been since last season.

Flights NY/NJ to Alberta / Banff have run $550 all year and haven't dropped below $300 but a few times in the past year. This one is direct, non-stop.

Even with Might be time to take advantage of the fact that late April is #1. Still ski season and #2. A great way to get a tan.

Ski + Snowboard

With the season stretched out by altitude conditions are harder in the morning and warm mashed potatoes after noon. Also. It still snows.

That video was shot in March, so yeah, there will still be snow in April. Also, lots of March dates that are in the $325 range (might be worth it).

Keep in mind the sun is going to be blazing toward the end of the season, bring good sun screen or end up a raccoon-eyed-freak.

Downhill / Longboard

As mentioned this is late season, there is actually a lot more availability in prime mid to late spring downhill skate season than is left for ski / snowboard season.

Calgary has an amazing scene, many shops and numerous hills some or all of which should be skateable / not snow covered when you go. Pick your spots late April on and you should be good to go.

Here's the crew from Landyachtz from a few years back:

Keep in mind that Calgary is at 3500ft so it's possible for it to get reasonably cold anytime up until late spring (having been solidly stuck in a blizzard while trying to skate outside of Denver in late May I can attest to that possibility).