Anytime you can get fully across country for under $200 on a Major (non-discount) Airline you can pretty much count on it being a good deal. Even better if the trip takes you to Seattle.

Seattle usually runs 400ish from NY / NJ so our rock bottom at $197 is better than 50% cheaper than your average flight.

Powder is Better with Friends.

When we are talking West Coast Weather the moisture laden jet (Pineapple Express) shovels warm wet Hawaiian air direct to your favorite North West mountains. Lucky for all of us (and sweetening this deal) the Pineapple Express has been in absolute overdrive.

Ski + Snowboard

Sure Vermont isn't too far from NY / NJ... it's just not as close as some of the best mountains in the world are to Seattle.

In 3 hours you can be at Mt. Baker in Four and a Half you can be in Whistler. With Flights into Vancouver hovering in the astronomical range this year your best bet for the big north west stuff may very well be to fly into Seattle for under $200 and rent a car.

At this price your Flight and Car will come in drastically cheaper than JUST a flight has been for most of this winter.

Downhill / Longboard

I have had Seattle on my list for years. Ever since I saw Dan Couch's video back in the Five Mile / good old days. Speaking of which...

Haven't seen Dan in a while now but last time I did he was destroying the Muir Skate Downhill Disco big air with Will Brian Bishop. Now that I think about it, it's time to start looking up flights to San Diego to try to catch this years event.


As mentioned above the weather has been seriously wet this year (even for a seriously wet city). There fore be prepared to skate inside or under a bridge... just be prepared to skate anyway. Here's a gnarly one from one of my favorite North West Brands (Lib Tech):

Not all of that is Seattle, but it is entirely rad enough to be worth a watch here for sure.

Regardless of board type this trip will leave you all like...

Deal Stats

We found 15 Trip Dates with great prices on our initial search (15 Feb 17 @ 01:36PM) and consolidated them into this Deal. Pricing ranged from an epic low of $197RT to a still solid $267RT.

UPDATE Thu 2-16 @11:57AM

Congrats to everyone who got in on the $197 seats. The Round Trip flight deals left are now hovering in the $245 to $260 Range. Hit us up on Facebook if you want to book and make sure to both Like AND Follow the FB page to get in on deals as early as possible.