No matter how long it's been, it's always been too long since you were last in Hawaii.

Round Trip flights have been hovering in the $800s all year from NY/NJ so $567 is downright great.

Hawaii flights have been pretty slim pickings this winter swell season but this one comes in just in time to get covered up before summer.


Not to mention perfectly timed to achieve maximum stoke on the Volcom Pipe Pro finals day compilation.

If that doesn't make you wanna get in the water nothing will.


Obviously Hawaii has enough surf options to keep you busy any given winter day, that said, the more boards the better. Oahu has built up some serious bowl action over the last 10 years... to go with riders who know how to tear em down.

Downhill Skateboard / Longboard

If you play your cards right you can easily get there just in time for one of the later events in Wheel Turner's 2016/2017 downhill skateboarding series.

There is nothing like seeing the north shore for the first time as a surfer, skating it doesn't come up too far behind.

Migrate to Skate: Hawaii from Rec Room Productions on Vimeo.

This frame grab sums up everything you should expect in Hawaii: Good Hills, Good Friends, Good Weather.