Skate some of the best hills in Europe this spring for less than it usually costs to get to the west coast.

Generally prime spring / summer fares are going to run $600 or more, this flight gets you there for half what we would consider a good price.

While I have yet to get to Switzerland myself god knows I have seen enough video to make me want to take the leap. Doubly so since Iceland is an option for an extra $20 on the way back.

Downhill Skate / Longboard Switzerland

Ever since I saw Louis post this 14 minute long raw run on Skate House Media a few years back I have been hoping for the chance to check out the Swiss Alps.

A cheap flight is worth its weight in gold since traveling / living expenses in Switzerland are some of the highest in Europe. The less you spend getting there the more you have while you stay.

Downhill Skate / Longboard Iceland

This deal gets even sweeter since you can add a few days (or even a week) stop over in Iceland on the way there or the way back.

Here's one of my favorites from Aleix...

More than worth it. My advice would be to put your stop over on the Way back to give your legs a chance to recover in the sauna / steam room / bath house.