If you have never considered skating the mountains of North Carolina, now's your chance to reconsider.

Asheville from NY/NJ usually runs $150 plus so this is solidly a 50% discount over what you should expect to pay.

It's always a razors edge posting deals that are within driving distance. That said any time you can cut off four plus hours of driving for under $100 with a direct / non-stop flight, I say go for it.

Longboard / Downhill Skateboarding

While there are for sure some ski / snowboard resorts in the mountains, my main goal is to get down to Mount Jefferson (hopefully for the contest this year). Here's some free skating on that same hill:

NCDH @ Mount Jefferson from Sanjay Gupta on Vimeo.

...and here's some of the worlds best earning points at last years sanctioned race:

NCDH @ Mt. Jefferson 2015 - Official Video from Sanjay Gupta on Vimeo.

Get there. Bring Boards and Friends.