The lack of storms, rain and snow has been pretty apparent the past couple of years. Good thing for all of us that feet of snow (not to mention the surf that comes along with it) have been the story of this season.

The West coast has been going off this winter, get out there for 30% less than the $330 Average.

Any time Derek Scherer starts lighting my phone up talking about this weeks Tahoe dump and simultaneously sending me shots of the surf from Ocean Beach the week before it's a pretty good bet that San Francisco deserves to be on all of our lists... sooner rather than later.


Yeah. It's big this time of year. If your arms aren't in shape for that shit (mine aren't) you are probably more likely to take a skate day due to it being big than too small.

Downhill Skateboarding

Goes without saying, San Fran and particularly Sunset have some of the most well known skate hills in the world. Here's one from our Sean Spees (where the heck you at these days Sean?!) from back in the day:

I met Jared Henry at Comet's Ithaca slide jam a few years back (RAD event) and I can think of no one better to blend in some street on the SF hills:


Creative street stuff and millions of on hill ledges / banks to play with?

Plenty of those. Bring boards, lots of boards... bring me while you are at it.