On days like today where the North East gets way more Freezing Rain than anything else, its hard to not dream about someplace warm under $100.

Generally good deals to Miami run in the $140 region so this is a solid discount overtop of that.

Warm water, warm air and a lot more interesting things to look out the window at than icicles dripping from your trees.


While I have been skunked every time I've chased swell this far south (ie. Miami) there is plenty of it this time of year with the Noreasters pulling it south.

LOTTA lefts in the winter.

Plus my parents met under the Sebastian Inlet bridge while my Dad was on a surf trip there back in the 60s worth checking out. Just make sure you put your feet up when you are told told to and respect the dudes who surf it every day.

Longboard / Down... not hills

If you start to feel antsy and there are plenty of Parking Decks to play with, if you feel like bringing another four wheel'd stick.


Great skate scene in MIA with more than a few really solid park options. It's worth going just for that stuff. That said like a lot of warmer weather cities there are a TON of street features to play with. Here's a little taste from Transworld: