It seems like flights to Spain are dropping like a rock right now, that said as soon as the warmer weather hits the Airlines are guaranteed going to jack them back up (if the gas prices don't kill the deals first).

As far as I can tell this is our last best chance to get in on the sub-$350 deals before good flights end up back in the $450s

At $329 New York to BCN is half the price I have consider a good deal in the past. Unbelievably good for a spring flight.

While there is not a ton of availability (and therefore this deal goes to Pros and Ams only, sorry freebies) getting to Barcelona cheaper than you can usually get to California makes it the ideal opportunity to get your film on before Barca gets too hot for mid-day sessions.


This flight is a little late in the season to PLAN on getting on snow, but stranger things have happened than late spring riding in the Pyrenees.

Even though this vid was shot earlier in the season it's worth a watch just to see what's accessible an hour or two's drive from Barcelona:

Downhill / Longboard

Any city that flows downhill all the way to the ocean is always a great candidate but Barcelona is one of the few with a built in ski lift back to the top (in the form of the metro / tube / subway). If you ride four wheels, no matter what your skill level, you can find something to ride without having to walk back up.

Here's one from Axel and Aleix from years past:

Pair that with some serious DH stuff readily accessible if you feel like renting a car and you have one of my favorite skate cities of all time.


Architecture is a big deal en Barca and for that reason alone you will find some of the most interesting skateable features I have seen anywhere plopped all over the city.

Here's a little taste from Chris Cole and friends: