The vibrant local skate scene (not to mention the amazing skateable terrain) has the Philippines on my "top 5 countries to skate" list and that doesn't even get into the surf.

This might be the deal that finally gets me there.

After watching prices all year it's generally going to cost you AT LEAST $800 to get to Manilla so under $500 is killer.

That said it's a long flight so flying something uncomfortable is really going to cost you, if not dollars then for sure sanity. This deal is on China Airlines (NOT to be confused with cut rate Air China) and gets your boards there FREE
(2 Boards per Bag) as a part of your no-charge 2 piece checked luggage allotment.

Since most airlines will add $150 EACH WAY in board fees, the freebee (and positive China Airlines reviews) clinch this one for me and save an additional $300 per person.

In case you need more to push you over the edge:


This one is a little bit older but shows off both how talented the filipino locals are and the quality surf you can find at even less well known spots. Here's John Mark Tokong aka Marama.

Longboard Skateboard

Had to go with a Dandoy video here just because the guy has been shredding hard for a long time now.

Where else but PH will downhill / longboard get you a legit sponsorship with DC. If only the shoe guys gave more downhill love stateside.


Last but not least you gotta give bonus points to a country who has a 14 year old wakeboarder like this:

Go get it.