One of the only benefits of 53% youth un-employment is an insanely vibrant skate culture that just does not exist in the same way state side.

I'm usually stoked on a Madrid flight below $425 so beating it by a solid $50 bucks is a great deal.

Watching more snow falling heavy at Hunter Mountain, NY I can't help think that I could use a little more California style weather in my life.

If you skate and are in that same boat, I would jump on this Madrid deal ASAP before rising oil prices put a damper on things.


As always we try to pick a video or two that shows just how awesome the riding in these locations really is. As far as Madrid is concerned there is no lack of team flicks being produced but here's one that throws some love back at the locals:

If the street / urban features above don't keep you occupied (they will) there is no shortage of prime park / bowl action to go around, way more than most places in the U.S. and certainly more than we have in New Jersey.

That said, the street features are really what I think make Spain such a rad skate trip destination so here's a New Teaser coming out of the New Balance team:

As far as Skateboard Ideal temps I would much rather go in Winter / Spring / Fall than Summer (too Hot). Lucky for us availability exists non-stop in pretty much all of those time frames.