When does a more expensive flight make the list? When that flight is on Singapore Airlines. Five star Airline for an extra hundred bucks is worth it every time. For serious.

Flights NYC to Bali on Singapore Air regularly run in the $1500 to $2k range so this is pretty outlandish sub $700.

It doesn't hurt that it gets you there smack in the middle of Bali's winter swell season (our summer).


No board fees on Singapore Air as part of your baggage limit (two boards per bag, bring a backup stick) only sweetens the already sweet pot further. Singapore is WAY better than pretty much everything... other than Air New Zealand (in which case it is only a little better).

As far as the surf? Well. You know. Here's some drone footage.

Shout out to Derek Scherer who will hopefully drag me to Bali with him this summer:

Here's Kelly in Bali from Years Past: