Last time I planned a trip to Puerto Rico I was pretty stoked to get tickets for the team for $250 and we didn't get anything close to this:

If you watched through the above video (you should) it's pretty clear that for $167 R/T non-stop you are stealing this trip.

For me the best part about Puerto Rico is the people. A close second has to be the fact that I have not once been skunked while down there.

A big part of not getting skunked is heading down there with more than one type of board. PR is at least as good for downhill / longboard / skate as it is for surfing.

Downhill Longboard

The Puerto Rico scene has a serious group of local shredders and the Guajataka Slide Jam blows my mind every year. Heck this fare will even get you down there for the race / contest:

It's been a while since I was down there filming, but for old time sake here's the boys from way back:


As far as surfing every year brings a new set of bangers. Here's the latest (though hurricane season is a little different than those super long period NorEaster swells in the winter):

For a better idea of the scenery and ambiance here's one from a few years back.