Has to be one of the better deals I have seen this month.

Occasionally deals like this come up from the west coast, though infrequently. It's almost never this cheap from NY / NJ.

$550 is less than half what a flight will usually run you from the east coast.

This one stops in China on the way home but who can't find a way enjoy that for a day or two (depending on your schedule). The one key here is going to be costs to bring your boards.

The most hilarious part about this deal is that they charge a percentage for boards (Air China Surfboard Fee = 1.5% of fare). Normally that would suck but this fare is so insane cheap it ends up being one of the cheaper ways to get surfboards to Bali and back.

Another option might be to go, buy one of the Pro left overs when you get there, pick up a bag, and then pay to bring it home with you.


Regardless, once you get there, there will be waves.. and you don't necessarily need to be a pro to enjoy them.

For those of you more blessed with surfing ability than I, you guys are clearly going to have as much fun as anyone (probably more). Here's John Florence in Bali (some Fiji too):

Get on it! Then let us know how it is when you get there.