Get stoked, it's time to get wet in North Africa.

I think the first time I thought about surfing in Africa was probably watching endless summer as a kid. While it's just a touch more crowded these days than it was back then, the infrastructure has improved and it's not quite as sketchy as it used to be.

Normally I would try to find a few more videos to get the froth going, but this time I don't think thats necessary. If those points don't look good to you, well, as mentioned previously, you can leave right now.

Flights are insanely expensive as a rule. NY/NJ to Morocco routinely runs $1000+, not today.

I would consider it a good deal anywhere below $600 so this is 30% cheaper than a good deal and borderline MUST GO.

If you can swing it, please do, and please shoot us the video to drool over once you get back. This absolutely will not last long and may be gone by the time I finish writing it up.