I've always wanted to go to Columbia, and Victor lives there when he isn't traveling! I hear there is some seriously good riding with a particularly healthy downhill / longboard scene, not to mention world-class uncrowded surf on the west coast.

The photos you see here are Victor's shots from his many trips to Cartagena.

To make things even better the exchange rate these days is otherworldly and almost 40% better than it was 5 years ago. Victor usually looks for Flights NY to Cartagena, Columbia for $350 before he pulls the trigger... Bang.

Exchange Rate Slays -> Food is cheap, lodging is cheap. Everything is cheap. Once you get there, you are golden.

Assuming you aren't going to learn to salsa (you may change your mind once you get there) you are normally looking at two stops and more money than this fare. More stops with more boards can be a real hassle, not to mention a down right risk to your quiver.

Not this time,
One stop for most.
Non-stop for some.

Surf Around Cartagena

The trade winds power short period, rampy Caribbean surf but Cartagena is around the corner and needs a North swell direction. Luckily these fares are smack in the heart of Winter Swell season (that just so happens to push the needed N or NE direction relatively frequently).

As I write this a 4-5 ft medium period is headed Cartagena's way from the North arriving next week. Short-ish period that comes along with the Caribbean is in order meaning more waves per hour all stacked up on each other, without sacrificing much power.

Bring your paddle arms and prepare to do work in fun mid ranged surf. Not world class, but worth going if for no other reason than to get out of the cold.

Great food and a great party scene.

The video above is a little bit old. Someone get down there and shoot some new ones already, or hit us up if you find a better example.

Surf Columbia West Coast

If Cartagena isn't world class, Columbia's more remote west coast certainly makes up for it. Cartagena Airport is the jumping off point for a more serious expedition to find some of the worlds best, most un-crowded spots... in exchange for a rickety flight / bus / boat ride.

Here's the guys from Oakley scoring (though I couldn't find a high res version).

If you need to see more than the above to videos to consider making the trip you are a better man (or woman) than I.

Longboard + Downhill Skateboard

There is a killer downhill scene in Columbia and more than a few events throughout the course of the year for those into the race side of things.

Pretty much pick your poison as far as freeride.

Axel got down there last year or the year before and the video turned out pretty killer, some Puerto Rico mixed in, I believe Columbia is mostly toward the end;

Axel is riding for Arbor these days and putting out some legit stuff. The dude works hard and travels like a pro, there is no one I would rather hop a plane to Columbia with this winter.

All in all, great time to pull the trigger and get someplace you haven't been... that also happens to have some great riding.