Pretty ridiculous.

In all the years buying flights back and forth to the U.S. for Petter Reinem I never thought I would see prices drop this low... maybe low enough to jump a plan to go visit him come to think of it.

Generally flights non-stop NJ/NY to Oslo during prime season are $600 to $800 with prices routinely topping $1200

The primary reasons I never pulled the trigger on a full Norway trip in the past was the weather. Rain is likely during most of the warm months and exceedingly likely during all but the most high priced flight arrival / departure datess. Flights during their short prime season are never this cheap.

Downhill Skateboard

As world class as world class gets for DH. Check out this video of Norwegian OG Petter shredding a home hill that makes my home hill look like a mosquito bite.

Oslo is the jumping off point for pretty much any big airport route into Norway and this one is no different.

Availability as of right now is pretty good for 5-7 day trips with some savings even below what I have listed here on some longer excursions.

Bring friends, cameras, and go for a month this Summer. You will not be disappointed.

Making things a little bit more long term is just about the only way to make sure you score some decent sunny days and eliminate the skunk factor since I DO NOT expect these prices to be around very long.

If you don't mind riding 20% grade in the wet, feel free to book as short a trip as you want.


You are going to need a car to get to any of the good spots although Oslo is gorgeous and there is plenty to skate in and around town.

With a car some truly world class downhill spots are accessible within a few hours drive.

Food and lodging can be expensive (another reason I never pulled the trigger) but the exchange rate USD -> NOK is as cheap as it has been in years and that helps out big time.

Prime Skate season + low exchange rate and some of the best / longest paved roads in the world? Yes please.

Dogfood? No one at HBWT is going yet, but we all wish we were.

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Pros / Ams / Brands

You guys on our Pros / Ams / Brands list have received the downhill longboard contests going on in Norway during the availability period in conjunction with dates / trip length variations to get you there under budget.

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If you end up going be sure to drop us a line. More importantly if you end up seeing this guy while you are there:

Tell him whats up for me!